White Collar Crimes

Los Angeles White Collar Crime Defense Lawyer

Fraud charges and white collar crime cases frequently involve months or years of investigation. Since authorities investigating white collar crimes often focus their attention on those who have access to a company’s financial resources and accounting information, persons with little or no involvement may find themselves facing serious criminal charges — especially after coworkers or managers strike a deal in exchange for testimony implicating others.

At the Century City Law Offices of Arna H. Zlotnik, A Professional Law Corporation, we can provide experienced counsel during an investigation or after an indictment. We put more than 30 years of proven practice behind the protection of your rights, and we field extensive resources that include forensic accountants and investigative resources to meet that mandate.

How We Approach Your Defense

It is essential that you get out in front of a fraud charge or investigation in order to anticipate what will be brought against you at trial. Attorney Arna Zlotnik is a highly experienced professional, fully versed in criminal defense law, and fully prepared to take control of your case. We have a proven track record and the knowledge to develop strategies aimed at outflanking prosecutors.

In Los Angeles and across Southern California, rely on our law firm for guidance, advice and advocacy in and out of the courtroom. The range of types of cases involve:

  • Employee theft and embezzlement
  • Credit card fraud
  • Business or corporate fraud
  • Money laundering
  • Stock and securities fraud
  • Identity theft
  • Computer/Internet fraud
  • Tax fraud
  • Bank fraud
  • Mortgage fraud

We work to mitigate the impact of investigation or prosecution. The early intervention of an experienced defense attorney can allow you to preserve your business, your freedom and your professional reputation. Attorney Zlotnik has been working in complex criminal defense matters for more than three decades and can comprehend and accommodate the large volume of files that are generated in these types of cases and integrate them into a cohesive and comprehensive defense.

We understand how federal authorities approach fraud charges and white collar crimes. If you are insufficiently represented in the investigation of a crime, even if you haven’t committed a crime, it can have serious consequences. Having experienced and informed counsel at every phase can not only help you avoid self-incrimination but also help you minimize exposure and losses.

Reliable, Informed White Collar Crimes Defense

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