Drug Crimes

Understanding the Drugs, the Charges, and the Defense

Our clients’ drug charges often have to do with actions involving illegal substances such as heroin, narcotics, cocaine, crack cocaine, methamphetamines, marijuana, Ecstasy, or prescription drugs such as Vicodin or OxyContin. We defend people accused of drug-related charges including the following:

  • Possession of drugs
  • Possession with the intent to sell
  • Cultivation or manufacturing of drugs, including meth labs
  • Drug Distribution
  • Drug trafficking
  • Transportation or importation of drugs

How We Can Defend You

As your drug crime defense lawyer, Ms. Zlotnik works with private investigators and forensic experts in closely examining the backgrounds of arresting officers, the informants used, and the actions of law enforcement during surveillance operations and the execution of a search warrant. Our office exposes violations of our client’s Constitutional rights, as well as questionable deals with informants facing criminal charges of their own.

You may be eligible for deferred entry of judgement, drug court, Proposition 36, or other drug programs. We respect the dignity of all clients no matter the charge. We will examine and discuss the available options and your best interest in defending and resolving the criminal drug case against you. Contact us at our Los Angeles office for a free consultation.

Experienced, Creative Defense Against Charges of Marijuana Cultivation & Illegal Drug Manufacturing

Marijuana Cultivation: What Investigators Look For

Police and investigators often look for suspicious activity involving a home or several homes in a given area. For instance, marijuana grow lights use a great deal of electricity and certain precursor chemicals such as pseudoephedrine must be purchased to manufactured methamphetamine. Investigators may issue a warrant to review your electricity bills or review your credit card purchases.

Additionally, surveillance of a home may be undertaken in order to determine the number of cars coming and going. In each instance, however, certain rights may be violated. Incorrect conclusions may be drawn from circumstantial evidence implicating people who are innocent or only indirectly involved in cultivating marijuana or manufacturing or selling illegal drugs.

Challenging the Case against You – When Informants are used

It’s not uncommon for authorities to use or rely on informants in marijuana cultivation or drug manufacturing cases. Typically, informants are people who are facing drug charges of their own and are willing to cut a deal with prosecutors in order to reduce their time in jail. As a result, informants may repeat hearsay or distort information they’ve heard in order for prosecutors to reduce their sentence. In the end, innocent people and those who played only a minor role in a drug manufacturing operation may be accused of serious drug crime.

We have the Experience and Resources Needed to Aggressively Defend Against Drug Charges

As your attorney, Arna H. Zlotnik exposes the unreliability of informant testimony. Informants convicted for violent crimes may be motivated to perform to save themselves. This may call into question the grounds for the testimony offered many informants. Upon accepting a client, we vigorously prepare his or her case as if we are going to trial and simultaneously attempt to negotiate a settlement that would be most favorable to our client.

If you’re facing criminal charges for drug possession, drug manufacture, or drug distribution, defend your rights and your property – contact criminal defense attorney Arna H. Zlotnik today.