Juvenile Offenses

When Your Son, Daughter, or Other Minor Child Needs Strong Legal Defense

Juvenile court systems are substantially different from adult courts, and while that may provide a wider range of opportunity to an experienced attorney, it can also create layers of complexity and anxiety for juvenile clients and parents. Do not assume that crimes pursued through the juvenile justice system will be handled gently, or that prosecutors and law enforcement will do a better job of protecting a suspect’s rights.

At the Century City Law Offices of Arna H. Zlotnik, A Professional Law Corporation, in Los Angeles, California, we are fierce advocates for clients whose futures can be greatly undermined by a criminal record. We are aggressive in defending their rights at all stages of criminal proceedings. With more than 30 years of solid and proven experience, criminal defense lawyer Arna Zlotnik can help you understand and defend against actions in the juvenile justice system.

Exploring all Juvenile Law Options

It is the job of law enforcement to pursue accountability, and our job in criminal defense is to balance that with a commitment to due process, civil rights and opportunities for learning and change. Our office works to minimize the long-term consequences of a juvenile crime by seeking reduction or dismissals, not-guilty verdicts and alternatives to the California Youth Authority where possible.

We represent juvenile crime cases from the relatively minor to the highly complex, including:

We use all available resources to keep a child from being prosecuted and punished as an adult. We apply a level of client commitment that has come to define our entire practice, seeking to reduce or dismiss charges, suppress illegally obtained evidence, negotiate a fair settlement or win at trial. We also take the time to explain those rules and procedures to our clients and their families, to demystify the system and to reduce that anxiety.

Get the Support You or Your Child Needs

With a credibility and reputation coming from more than three decades of legal experience, we understand the sensitive family dynamic as well as the criminal aspect in approaching juvenile cases. Begin discussing your case with us by calling our Los Angeles office at 310-286-2483 or contact us online for more information.