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More Than 30 Years of Effective Criminal Defense Practice

At the Law Offices of Arna H. Zlotnik, A Professional Law Corporation, in Los Angeles, California, we provide effective and reliable criminal defense representation in state and federal cases for clients throughout Los Angeles County and Southern California. We work with clients in all phases of criminal cases from investigation through trial, as well as post-sentencing matters. With more than 30 years of experience, we have built a reputation and a proven track record of success.

A criminal matter, even a relatively minor one, can have a serious impact on your future, your family and your freedom.

Make sure you have the right legal counsel on your side. Contact our office today to schedule a free and confidential consultation to discuss your criminal defense needs.

A Comprehensive Range of Criminal Defense Service

Attorney Arna Zlotnik provides vigorous and complete defense in a full range of misdemeanor and felony cases. Even if you are facing a relatively minor charge, you want a lawyer on your side that understands how important your case is to you. Moreover, if you are involved in a felony or a case in federal court, you need aggressive, experienced and reliable representation.

We understand how seriously any criminal matter can impact you, your family and your future. At every phase of your case, we take aggressive and confident action to help you. Whether you are being investigated, arrested or accused of crimes, felony or misdemeanor, or seeking to get a charge expunged, we will fully advise you, represent you, pursue your rights and achieve target resolutions.

You have seeming endless choices in Los Angeles and Southern California when it comes to criminal defense representation. Make sure you have counsel on your side that will work to take care of your immediate and long-term needs.

Smart, Effective, Experienced Representation

To schedule a free initial consultation to discuss your case, or for more information about our practice, call 310-286-2483 or contact us online. We stand ready to do what is necessary for an effective criminal defense of your case or other criminal defense needs.